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June 25, 2009



We have a company devoted to selling high-end eco-friendly and natural products and we are always looking for packaging that is renewable or recyclable. There is definitely a larger market for this type of packaging now and that is really good news.

Derrick Packer

Owner - Thorvy, LLC


Hi, Dennis
It was very interesting to read about the secondary packaging solutions and I agree that the properly package of glass products is extremely important for safe delivery and shipping. But it is even more important to safe the world from global warming and from clearing the forests, that’s why the practice of eco friendly secondary packaging is very important and is promoted by Thank you for introducing us this topic.

Annie Schiffmann

I specifically buy products that are packaged in glass so I can reuse the bottles for my homemade cleaning and beauty products.

Mrs. Jones' Soapbox

Thank you so much for this article! I've been making my own cleaning products for years now and finally decided to create my own line and sell it on Etsy. I've had my heart set on using glass but I've been concerned about the shipping process so this article is very timely.

Joost Hoogstrate

Glass is Green! Now that is something to think about. This really changes a lot of things doesn’t it? We can now go back to the old ways of doing things... in a new way of course. Thanks for sharing the statistical details as well. Those things are hard to come by. A real revelation to all of us in

A great post!

Joost Hoogstrate


Great article, and it left me wondering how much weight factors into the sustainability equation. I would assume that because plastic is so much lighter it would have lower carbon emissions from transportation. Do you know what a LCA might say about glass vs. plastic when you take transportation into consideration?

Dennis Salazar

Shame on me for not checking back on this post and not seeing the terrific feedback and comments. I really do appreciate the input and am glad people seems to have accepted this article for what it is - just one more option to get the job done and be green in the process.

Eco friendly packaging is changing almost daily. Keeping up with it requires some effort but I am glad to be able to help our friends and clients work past the substantial green smoke.

Thank you and please let me know if I can be of any help to you and your green objectives.

Dennis Salazar

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