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April 06, 2009


Anton M. Steeman

As I wrote in my blog:
I found a reference to Boxed Water is Better at the Sustainable is Good website, amazingly without a comment. Why amazingly? Well, Boxed Water is Better, smells like a scam, at least their sales argument: “The cartons are shipped unfilled and filled on demand as needed dramatically reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.” This argument is eye washing the consumer. Listen, the cartons are produced in a facility in Michigan and transported flat (?) ...

Read the full story:

How can you write this post without any critical note !

This more than smells of a massive greenwash.

It doesn't matter how the boxes are shipped to the bottler. What comes out the other side is water in boxes, a largely insane idea considering the quality of the stuff that comes out of the tap for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Whatever the container, you're still shipping water on trucks - a huge carbon footprint compared to tap.

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