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March 04, 2009


Jon Cameron

As Sira and Lucht well know - they have one very big problem with their solution. They don't own the patent for thermochromic barcode. The patent "Thermochromic Barcode," USPTO number 6,685,094 is owned by Pop! Technology with myself as the inventor. Give it a Google - we are on top.

Jon Cameron

Bob Goldsmith, CEO of Sira Technologies, called me again today very upset about my comments on this blog and asked that I post his patent also. He feels that while my comments were accurate, I insinuated he was a liar. Bob is actually a very sincere guy and working hard to save the earth of contaminants. I apologize he felt misbranded.

So, to set the record straight:

Bob and Sira have a patent titled "Detection of contaminants in food," 6,479,016. Bob's solution is unique because he uses a "double bar code." One of the barcodes "comprises a time-temperature indicator attached to a substrate."

If you are looking a for such a solution, I recommend you call Bob at (626) 795-0493 or check out his fascinating website at

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