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November 10, 2008



Nice and all but the sustainable metal spoon that I already have is good enough for eating a yoghurt...

Cathy Ross

I dont know about the previous writer, but if I were to pack our metal spoons with my kid's lunchs, (or my own lunch for that matter) we would have no spoons to have breakfast with in about a week!
I hope I see these on the market soon!

Bridget Skelly

What a GREAT idea! I think this packaging would be especially good for childrens food products (yogurt, jello, pudding, fruit cups, etc.). Like someone mentioned above, if you send a metal spoon to school with your child's snack, chances are you'll never see it again! Plus this product is much more "green" than using plastic spoons.


I agree with the first poster about using metal spoons. I had metal spoons when I went to school... i wouldnt dare lose them

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