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October 10, 2008



I love it, what a great item! I could have used that last week for my soup!


Tim B

Whatever happened to nice old cast iron pans that aren't covered in some cancerous non-stick surface... and you can use metal utensils on them....


I adore vintage anything, and it's sustainable to boot. I have quite a resource of vintage etsy shops on my blog that took me months to ferret out.

I love cookware, but I am also a sucker for vintage pyrex - especially in orange and robin's egg blue. Sigh ...

sandy hambrick

I picked up something at an estate sale I have never seen before and wondered if anyone could identify what it is, I thought it was a cake carrier when I picked it up but--- it is aluminum, larger pot on the bottom with an aluminum plate that sits on top of the pot, then there is a domed cover that sits down on the plate with metal latches that hooks over the plate and pot and it has a handle on top for carrying. It is a fairly large pot. I thought it might be for carrying soup or someother hot dish in the pot and putting your bread items on the plate an it would all stay warm for transporting. Please email me and let me know if you may know what it is really for. Thank You


I've got a set of polaris pans matching the one shown, my grandparents bought them in the 50s I think at the ideal home exhibition
need some new handles on some, where could i get them?

John Bell

I also have a pan as shown and need handles
Please help!

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