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September 23, 2008



Thank you for your site. As a marketing professional and an a human striving to be as conscious as possible, it is a true gift. Looking into eco-friendly packaging has been a new plight of mine at work. I found your blog incredibly helpful.

Austin Chu

I think more companies should follow L.L Beans example. I believe all companies should move towards a biodegradable product. I think you guys blogged about recycling gift cards, and I think that a great idea. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and we blog about gift card issues on This post-holiday season. I'm working with our local malls and setting up gift card recycling boxes and getting them recycled. Next, is to get retailers on board with the corn based products. Gift cards are used only for such a short amount of time. Maybe this way, people will use their cards quicker because they think they will bio-degrade.


There is now a RECYCLABLE alternative to plastic for gift cards!

Monadnock Paper Mills just launched Envi Card Stock. It contains no PVC, is made from renewable wood fiber, FSC certified, manufactured carbon neutral with 100% renewable electricity and recyclable in the mixed-waste bin. This stock is also great for loyalty cards, membership cards and hotel keys and is available in 14 and 28pt weights.

Read more about Envi Card Stock here:

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