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August 08, 2008



Next time, try checking the box to have all your items shipped in the same package; there is an option to ship each item in an order separately, so an unavailable item doesn't slow down your entire order... I blame this on you for not selecting the right order fulfillment.

Brad Shorr

That's the worst example of Amazon packaging I've ever seen. Amazon's logistical infrastructure is very complex, so I'm sure they are continually grappling with the problem of speed versus packaging efficiency. I have to think over time they will reduce the incidence of this type of thing - it's bad all the way around, from a cost, environmental, and transportation standpoint.

Jimmy K.

Packaging is only a part of the bigger problem.

Jimmy K.

Here is a link to Amazon's other initiatives. Seems to me some of these are as crucial as packaging:

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