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July 01, 2008



The difference a Public Relations department makes. Costco has had this same packaging for 4 1/2 years.

Randy Ludacer

NY Times ran a cover story on Walmart's new milk package, focusing on how their customers don't like it because it's hard to pour without spilling. I haven't tried one for myself so I can't weigh in one whether that's a valid complaint, but there should be no reason why all the benefits cited above should have precluded this pack from pouring well. Walmart is actually having to re-educate its customers. Apparently it's such a new package that it changes the whole paradigm for how milk must be poured.

Matt Hoover

I would like to see a video of someone pouring this type of jug without spilling the contents. If an adult can do it, I want to see a 10 year old do it.

Whoever designed it only had one thing in mind - shipping and forgot about the consumer who is wasting $ everytime they spill.



Get a grip people. It's different, but not that hard. If all it takes is a new milk jug design to cause you this much grief, consider yourself lucky to live where you do.


I've used this milk container for a couple of months now. I'm not a big fan. First, you must relearn how to pour - in fact, they've even stamped instructions on the top. If you have arthritis, the lid can be hard to unscrew. Also, no matter what, there always seems to be dribble and more spills than you want. Plus, I think in transport, containers must break open, because many times I've had to wipe dried milk off the outside of the jug. If you don't wipe it off it smells like spoiled milk. Lastly, there seems to be a quality issue because I've opened a new gallon and peeled back the seal only to have the milk taste stale - it's not spoiled - just has the taste like it's been setting in an open container. GROSS.


I have tried to give the new packaging the benefit of the doubt. It never fails - I am unable to pour without spilling. I have a 9 year old that is unable to use this product as well. There has to be away that this can be re-designed to be user friendly and cost effective. Until then, I plan to purchase my milk elsewhere.

Anger parent

I'm done with this fancing packaging. Who ever did the marketing tests really screwed up because they forgot to have kids try it. I will never buy this type of milk container again.


I love these new cartons, I have no issue poring milk form them nor do any of the children at the church I go to during our fellow ship hour after church. The larger mouth on the carton allows a smoother pore with less splashing, then the old jug.


In a statement Sam's Club said, "It’s estimated trucks used for shipping from the processor to club can accommodate 9% more milk -- 4,704 gallons per truck or approximately 384 more jugs -- without any metal racks."
How do you put 4,704 gallons in 384 jugs.


The designer(s) who designed these cartons should be fired. As should their bosses and the account execs who passed the whole thing through. I bet they never tried to actually pour the milk out of it (I buy [or try not to buy] the Costco cartons -- they're AWFUL!). They spill, they're heavy and if you're pouring lots of baby bottles, forget it. I don't mind change... and I'm a big proponent of smart design but smart this ain't. You just shouldn't have to think so much to pour milk without spilling it!

Rene Olivier

I stumled upon this while doing a search for milk jug. Yes, they are changing the milk jug for among other things, carbon footprint reasons, but you should consider moving to milk sachets or bags as some might call them. Liquid Living has developed a new product that makes the use of sachets so easy without spilling a drop and the milk stays fresher longer. The developed tap instantly seals with the wall of a sachet and the dispenser is very user friendly to put in your fridge or to even mount on a wall.This will allow you to contribute to the environment by saving 75% plastic. Further, as the end consumer, you will save even more by buying sachets! See to see this milk jug.


All research shows that the Milk sachet/ bag is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way of consuming milk. Decanting into glass defeats the object as glass production has a huge carbon footprint and decanting also has it's own hygienic problems. A product like the Clip It milk jug has won numerous design awards and makes sachet use very very easy. See:


The newly designed milk gallon is self stacking because the spout is flatter and each gallon can rest on another during transport, as well as while on display.

Terry Fox

I totally agree with Kelly's comment. That's exactly how I feel! You want a nice relaxing cup of milk and end up with half the gallon on you, your counters, and your floors, and only two ounces in your cup (exaggeration). I always dread the weeks my mom decides to buy all our milk from Sam's Club; three whole jugs of horror. Luckily they get used up quickly because of all the spills and accidents.

The Canadians certainly know what they're doing. Those milk bags are the best.

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