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May 20, 2008


Randy Ludacer

I like the idea that the Target Retote is made specifically from Target's plastic shopping bags. I wonder whether a supply chain dependent on consumers voluntarily mailing in their used bags will be sufficient. Will they supplement their up-cycled supply with unused plastic bags? Or will they only use the mailed-in bags to make the Retotes--and let that dictate the quantity produced?


How about some bags that arent so big an bulky? Check out:

They wash, expand and are completely light weight?

lou leelyn

it's unfortunate that target became smart only after they sent out many cease and desist orders to those artisans who were creating these bags out of their trash since 2006. There were many people fusing target's bags and the company didn't like their logo being used elsewhere. I do give cheers to Retote for jumping on an otherwise sticky liability. If you are enjoying the plastic fusing revolution, don't forget to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST instead of pouring more money into the big box stores...

thanks for all you do,

lou leelyn
lou's upcycles

dana adams

Target needs to stop BUYING plastic bags completely. Target buys 1.8 BILLION bags every year for it's customers. Recycling is great but it's certainly not time to applaud yourself when you are still creating ever more waste for the planet to handle.

Plastic bags take over 1000 years to decompose, harm our marine life, and pollute our waters. It's time to stop!

This to me is an example of 'Greenwashing' added with a sly bit of sleight of hand. Forget all the plastic waste we ADD to the planet, look how great we are, we are creating recycled bags!

No Thanks Target! I'll shop at your store when you make a real effort.


Lou - you make a great point, but if target ceased to stop providing plastic bags for its customers, it would very rapidly go out of business. We need to get everyone involved. It is not solely a company's fault they have plastic bags, as consumers are free to bring their own bags. I try to bring my own shopping bags with me whenever I go out, but sometimes I overestimate what will actually fit in my bag and must use a store bag in addition to my reusable bags (made from recycled plastic).

Contrast this with two individuals I saw recently, one at a gas station store and the other at a food store. At the gas station I saw someone buy five 1oz bags of chips. Despite these bags of chips weighing next to nothing, the person requested three plastic bags to carry these. At the grocery store, in the self-check-out lane, someone bought six items, and used a separate bag for each item.

Target needs to try harder, yes, but it shouldn't be by going cold-turkey on bags. There should be small additional charges for using plastic bags and small credits for not using plastic bags (whether you've brought your own bags or just carry things out).

Laying the blame solely on corporations is a gross oversight of what drives all corporations - us, the consumers.

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