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May 23, 2008


Austin Chu

Awesome! I love how apple is so innovative when it comes to recycled materials and being sustainable. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I've been blogging about gift card topics on I'm a firm believer in maximizing the lifetime of the card, perhaps have them be biodegradable. Gift cards have such a short life, it be awesome to find some other use for them. If gift card sales are going to up, we might as well find a way to be sustainable about it.

Jordan Sparks

Your cards suck not only is it nearly impossible to scratch off the silver coating but you cannot reach a real person by phone and everything is done by email at your discretion not mine. I have wasted more of my time then this card is worth. It seems to me this is how American business' are bring run, You get your money and the hell with the consumer.

Jordan Sparks


i JUST used my Itunes gift card and it scratched off quite easily...
(I didn't even need a coin, I used my fingernail..)

I have no idea what your talking about jordan...


I can't see why they aren't made of cardboard like any other scratch card. I think it's been very remiss of Apple to keep selling plastic cards - considering the success of iTunes there must be millions of the throw-away things in the environment.

Jordan, you're scratching the wrong part of the card.

Chris Hedley

I seem to like the way electronic gift cards and pre-paid systems work in Australia, when you go in store you can do your shopping and buy pre-paid items like iTunes or a mobile pre-paid recharge and it's printed on the receipt for you to tear off,

everyone knows how bio-degradable paper is and it's ability to be recycled even by kids today, all they need to do is use that more often and it would be a simpler solution, the new "laser ink" is annoying when it's left out in the sun too long but when you buy something you're going to use in 24 hours, it's kinda worth the downside to know the upsides.

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