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April 17, 2008



Why did they refuse to comment on the new packaging? :S



I picked up a couple boxes of these new Archer cereals and I don't understand how they are more sustainable. The boxes are made from really thick cardboard (weight = bad), cardboard is made with 55% post-consumer content (fairly standard) and are lined with a plastic or aluminum rendering them non-recyclable. They also have a thick plastic lid so they haven't done away with plastics. Please explain how these are a better option...


I was at Target over the weekend and noted to my shopping buddy (my mom, of course) that it didn't make much sense that Archer Farms has positioned itself as organic and healthy, which to me also implies earth-friendly in general and then had a cereal box with LOTS of extra packaging. Good for you for calling them out on it.


Great commentary. Poor grammar!

francey mcowen

Archer Farms chips especially the Muligrain tortilla chips are great...............



I love how people keep asking were is the green?
the green is right in front of you, "The affordably priced Archer Farms cereal canister features a reclosable easy-flow spout and snap-shut lid that allow for simple pouring and snacking. This innovative packaging ensures that cereal stays fresher longer, while eliminating stale or unused cereal"
The packing is designed to make the cereal stay fresher longer, thus you are not losing cash on stale cereal or throwing it in the trash.

Also if you tare out the plastic liner in the can you can recycle it. However were I live they are recyclable with or with out the liner.


I was a regular buyer of Target's Archer Farms organic cereal because it tasted good and was less expensive than others I had been buying. The only thing that bothered me was that I couldn't find the country of origin printed on the box.

Then they went and redesigned the packaging and raised their prices. I haven't bought a box since. The new packaging can't possibly be more earth-friendly than the much simpler one they started with, and now they charge more for less content. They have regressed.

I don't care about "cool design" when it comes to my cereal box. If I want to put it into a pretty container, I'll find one on my own. (I never had a spoilage problem and was perfectly able to pour the cereal out of the old bag without any difficulty.)

june b scouten

i tryed your blueberry granola with flax and loved it i was dissapointed however to only get one blueberry in it this was the tiny package i purchased and i thought there would at least be a few in the package i have tryed so many of your products and will continue to purchase them i have not had anything that hasnt tasted great please just add a few more blueberries i love them thank you archer farms a very satisfied customer

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