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January 22, 2008



I love mine! There are three sizes at my Target store.

Chica & Jo

If you all are interested, we have documented how to make shopping totes yourself: We documented the process to make your own shopping totes if you are interested:

Reusable Bags

Great post. It's great that they are finally getting on the bandwagon about this matter. It's amazing how many plastic and paper bags you use. You'll see if you start collecting them to recycle. They pile up fast! It's a huge amount of waste. It's too bad they don't have more to choose from.


I'm so glad these are catching on as well. My sister started a company last year that sells the same type of reusable bag but they are in several fun colors and styles. I hope this becomes more mainstream so we can rid the world of those awful plastic bags! If you want to check out my sister's bags her website is


I love it. I'm going to buy more. I constantly have one in my purse at all times. It saves a lot of space the way it zips up!


However, you'd better inform the cashier about your bag fast. After a cashier went to use a plastic bag, I told her I'd like to use my tote. She said OK, then threw away the plastic bag! I said, "No, the point is to save bags." She said Target's policy is that they can't reuse the bags after something has been in them, even though the bag contained a pair of cotton shorts. I guess in that situation that rule is illogical, but the employees do not think on their own.


Always love to see a large retailer being responsible. Reusable bags and even bag fees worked in Ireland, they'll work here too. I love me a social revolution!


Don't be fooled by Target. They still have a long way to go. Go to any of their Customer Service Desks in the nation and none of them recycle the plastic bags from returns. They are throwing away hundreds of plastic shopping bags a week into the garbage.


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I LOVE mine and use them everywhere.


As a result of the plastic bag environmental assault on our planet the reusable eco-friendly tote bag was created. Reusable tote bags are one of the many environmentally friendly products sold on They are durable, recyclable, reusable, resistant to corrosion, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, washable & water repellent. Our reusable grocery totes have also been very popular alternatives to paper or plastic. Ecopromosonline has one if not the largest selection of eco-friendly products on the internet to date with over 1,000 items and steadily growing. We will only sell eco-friendly products and nothing else on ecopromosonline.

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Penny Perkins

I am organizing an all womens bicycle ride on June 6th 2009. We love your bags and would like to use them for goodies bags for our registered riders.
We are raising money for women's cancer research for the University of Utah. Mario Capeli is the nobel peach prize winner and director of the research. We anticipate 2,600 riders. This is our 20th year of organizing this ride. We are located in Utah. We are looking for sponsors and would love to have Target involved. We would put Targets logo on our t shirts, jerseys and website for a donation of the bags. Please let me know if this is something Target would be interested in or who would be best to contact.
Penny Perkins



We would like to speak with you about sponsoring your event.

Please call me 702-240-3457


very very nice informations...thank you very much!


Target's reusable bags are sharp in appearance and the zipper concept is a good idea, yet I wonder how many people take the time to zip them back up after use. Also, if you have a really unique design on the bag, why zip it up and hide it? Check out the fun designs on the bags offered at You wouldn't want to zip these up!

Alex Lim

I got some tips regarding how to choose a reusable bag here

Doug Braidwood

I recently visited a Target store in Wodonga Vic and purchased some clothing. After the purchase I was asked if I wanted a bag to carry the goods from the store. I was asked to pay for a bag. Something which in the past was always supplied. I refused and aske for something to freely carry my goods. I was refused. My complaint is why should I have to pay for Targets advertising. Bags had always been supplied free to customers and now a charge is made. Seems Target want to make money from every source possible and are using Eco friendly and environmental reasons for another profit grab. I will shop elsewhere in future.

tanjila jesmeen

really very cute n nice.thanks for sharing.


OMG, have any of you ever worked retail a day in your lives? The Target stores are designed to fill the plastic bags. Not the cashier's fault but Target Corp which makes a lot more money than a poor cashier at the bottom of the ladder. To fill your reusable bags, we have to alternate the approach to the bagging operation. Target cashier's are timed for everything that they do. When we deviate from the program, our timing scores go down. This is how Target evaluates their cashiers. Plase keep that in mind and please bag your own stuff if you bring your reusable bags, it helps with our speed scores. PLUS, if you insist on bringing in old, dirty, germ riden bags to be filled, FILL THEM YOURSELF and spare us the e-coli!!! Yes, all retailers wlll eventually go to all reusable bags and not use any plastic but then what will happen is that no cashier will bag your stuff ever do to health concerns. Also, Target service desk DOES recycle the bags people give them, they are not thrown away.

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