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November 14, 2007



Are they still offering Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) with these products? In other words, is Reycline still offering a take back program on these products? And are these new items still being made from a high percentage (was it 100%??) of post consumer recycled (PCC) plastic?


Also these new products are designed for a much longer lifespan (versus previous Recycline attempts at semi-disposable picnic ware). Yay!

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Preserve products are great! I've read tons about the company and the products before buying them and I absolutely love them. I saw them first at Whole foods and thought they were a bit expensive and thought if I went online i'd find it for cheaper. Many eco-oriented stores online have them! I found the best deal on EcoDirectstore[dot]com because I had a 5% off coupon.. CA2010 not sure if it still works though. Preserve is everywhere though but start shopping with the eco stores!

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I love these products. I am actually collecting them. The cutting boards are a favorite.

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