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September 24, 2007



Can someone help me contact ujeans?

I ordered a pair of jeans in February, 2006. Initially, before I placed my order, the owner of the company replied to my email questions about the jeans right away and was really helpful and friendly.

But after I placed my order and my account was debited the $135 I paid for the jeans, I never heard from the company again.

I never received the jeans. I tried calling ujeans and Daniel himself, leaving them messages, sending them emails over the course of a few months and they never replied to me.

At first I wanted the jeans, but then, as it was six months, then nine, then a year, I just wanted my money back.

I've never gotten the over $135 back that I paid for the jeans I never even received. I feel totally ripped off. I was so excited about these jeans. I just want my money back, and they won't even give me that.


Hello Kalli,

I've had almost the same problem as you... I ordered (and paid) for my jeans in June. I received them more than 2 months later, and they didn't fit at all !!! I contacted Ujeans as well as Daniel directly. He never answered the phone, and never returned my phone calls. He finally replied to one of my e-mails (one out of many !) and told me he would proceed with a re-order. I never received the new jeans. So I asked for a reimbursement. He told me he would mail the cheque right away, but of course, I never received it. Since then, I sent a couple of e-mails, and they are unanswered as of today.

I see that you have been waiting for more than a year now... hope you will receive news soon... :o(



I'm so sorry to hear that someone else was ripped off by ujeans. After reading your post my anger was renewed and I decided to search the Canadian Better Business Bureau for ujeans. Look what I found:

Complaints Concerned:
Service Issues (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond
Delivery Issues (3 complaints)
3 Company did not respond
Refund Practices (3 complaints)
3 Company did not respond
Product Quality (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond
Guarantee or Warranty Issues (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond


I wish I had done my homework first. When a gift certificate purchase went unanswered I started researching right away. I made many phone calls and sent many emails. All went unanswered. My money was taken, but no correspondence from ujeans. I placed a claim through paypal and also registered a complaint with the better business bureau.

DO NOT place an order with this company.


EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT U JEANS- PLEASE fill a complaint with PayPal regarding this issue online or by phone (888-221-1161). I ordered jeans from them, waited 3 mths for them to arrive, and when they did they were widly too large and the right leg was SEWN SHUT! Ridiculous! But if enough people fill complaints with PayPal in the next six months they have promised to re-open all of our cases, refund our money, and refuse UJeans access to the PayPal service ever again. PLEASE help us blackball these thieves! Thank you!-Erin



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brian stokes

hi,i orderd a pr of jeans from tailormade-jeans order was completed & shipped ver have been in customs clearance for 5wks still not received as of the 30th june 08

Pat  Rupert

I also bought a pair of Ujeans and never received them. Is there any way you can get your money back. I ordered them in April. I have contacted them by email and phone with no reply. I finally canceled the order but still received nothing. I paid through google checkouts $168.20. I would sure like to get my money back

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