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September 27, 2007



Sustainable and environmentally friendly? Bleach? Sorry, but you are wrong to promote a product like this if you truly care for the environment.

Beth Terry

I have to disagree with you on this one. As the daughter of a microbiologist, I have heard repeatedly about the resistant super bacteria that are being created by Americans' sudden obsession with disinfection. Soap and water work just fine. We don't need to, nor should we, be disinfecting everything in sight. Children grow up with better immune systems when they are actually exposed to germs, not protected from them.

You already have a response to the criticism that chlorine bleach is bad for the environment, so I won't even bother with that one.


Wow. Bleach is now good for you AND environmentally responsible. Thanks for the news.

9/28 - Another comment with an invalid email address posted from the same IP address as David at the Good Human. I don't understand the point of this nonsense honestly. If you have an opinion, or something to add please by all means join the discussion but don't waste my time or other readers time with this nonsense.


Tracy Stokes

Bleach is unnecessary and bad for our environment. This is another example of unscrupulous advertising/greenwashing by an UNenvironmentally friendly company.


How much were you paid by them to write that? Jeez.

9/28 - Hi MikeD - thanks for participating in the discussion. I am not sure what your implying here and tried to follow up with you at the email address you provided - surprisingly its not a valid address. Perhaps you can contact me directly?
Strangely the IP address this comment is coming from,, is the same as the comment posted earlier from David at the Good Human blog


Brian martinez

Rider you're a bastard. How dare you take the middle ground and not act like a nutcase and total extremist. Don't you realize being eco-friendly has to mean you're anti-corporate and fight the "man" or at least that you need to be a self-righteous hypocritical fool who runs around with one-liner bumper stickers and lectures total strangers to save the planet.

Don't DO ANYTHING, just lecture other people about being green :-) that's the eco-way get with it Rider. You scum bag!


I thought we resolved this ride after you emailed me. I have nothing to hide and this is only my second comment on your site...ever. What the do I have to gain from fake commenting? I run a website that is open to everyone and their opinion...I have no need to waste my time fake commenting on other people's websites. Check your email.

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