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September 29, 2007



Thought your readers might be interested in this site -

Search with the LO, lights off! A black screen will LOwer the amount of power your computer uses, compared to a white screen homepage, saving energy, (and every little helps). The more people that use SEARCHLO, the more energy will be saved in total, so tell your friends and help do our bit for the environment. - A black screen uses 59w compared to 74w to power a white screen.

To set as your homepage go to tools, then 'internet options' then type in as your homepage and click OK.

Brad Shorr

Working with Dennis for many years has taught me that creating sustainable packaging solutions is mainly a question of knowing all the options and applying common sense. Buzz words do come and go, but most companies always want to reduce to packaging costs. However, not all companies are all that concerned about the packaging waste that they create. I think it's great that you have a blog devoted to the sustainable theme. We all need to learn how important it is to be good environmental citizens.


I have posted up the seeds of a simple model that you may be interested in.

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