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August 03, 2007


Beth Terry

I like that there is a deli meat without cancer-causing preservatives. Back when I was a kid, probably 30 years ago (wow, am I really 42?) we knew that sodium nitrite had been linked to cancer. I'm surprised it was never banned.

Anyway, the reduced plastic is good. Maybe some day they'll be able to use the same vacuum process using biodegradable plastic. That would be even better.


Yes -- very few plastics will be re-cycled back into the food market -- the reason being that packaging becomes contaminated both chemically and bacterially and it is difficult to clean. Surprisingly, the best way of disposing of plastics is probably properly controlled incineration - look see what is happening in Germany or Switzerland. HPP is an interesting process but they don't know how it works.




This is green washing at its worst. Looking at the category of packaged lunch meats overall, this product uses far more packaging than most competitive products. Most packaged lunch meats come in just the vacuum sealed pouch. I fail to understand how ADDING a extra layer of packaging can be seen as improving the sustainability of the packaging. The comparison to products that use a PP tub is also unfair. While it is true that the Hormel package uses less material and is more recyclable than the tub, it does not provide the same end user benefit as the tub. The outer paperboard carton is utterly non reusable/re-closable and in no way "eliminated the need" for the PP tub.

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