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July 11, 2007


lloyd alter

ARRGH!!! tetrapaks are even harder to recycle than PET with an even lower rate or recovery! This is a huge step backward!


Great, instead of using petrol move partially full trucks full of bottled water to the supermarkets, we'll move partially full trucks full of boxed water to the supermarkets. This isn't progress, transporting water is inevitably a waste of energy and resources.


*If it isn't clean, you must force your local water authority to fix it. Clean drinking water is a human rights issue.


It's my understanding that packages that combine different materials are very hard if not impossible to recycle. The easiest items to recycle are those made of one material only, like the Preserve toothbrushes that we talked about. Also, I saw a web site the other day for a type of notebook that is made of one type of recyclable plastic. I'll try to find it again. But anything that's made of more than one thing is basically landfill fodder.



I'm pretty happy that you live in an area of the country where your water is clean, or at least your government is responsive. But as anyone who is awake and following the news in America is aware, many many do not have either clean water or a responsive system.

While I totally agree that tap water is the answer for many people, I think a bigger problem inside and outside the green movement is this extremism. Can we be Americans without viewing everything in black and white terms and demonizing the "other side" .... the fact remains that at times bottled water is both necessary and good for communities with limited options.



Giving 20 percent of the company's profits to world water relief and reforestation foundations seems to fall into the same category of philanthropy as Philip Morris' smoking cessation program, no?

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