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March 30, 2007



I know exactly what you mean about cashiers being rude about reusable bags! When I first started taking my own bag, it was like I was speaking another language and the cashiers would always look at me strange, laugh a little, and then put it in a plastic bag anyway! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong!

Once I was at Target, and I told the cashier I didn't need a bag, well she put it in one anyway, so reminded her again, and she (wasn't rude or anything) said "Oh, that's right you've got your own" so I put the item in my bag and she THREW THE PLASTIC BAG AWAY! I was like, !!! That defeats the purpose totally! I didn't say anything, maybe I should have, I just walked away stunned. I could've at least lined my garbage can with it!


I have found that cashiers have a hard time filling reusable bags so I fold the top down for them so they stay open. Most cashiers I have encountered appreciate my cloth bags, however there are many who act like I have personally insulted them by asking that they use my bags. I just take it with stride and move on. Now I am making bags for the rest of my family; eventually cloth will become more "mainstream".

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