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January 31, 2007


Pamela Cravens

I have loved your organic instant oatmeal since I tried it last year. Now my local Wal-Mart don't carry it any more. I see the blueberry and cranberry flavors, but I don't want those. I want the plain instant. Please, can you send more of it this way? Please, please? mrsvincent

Christina Wajda

It seems when Quaker Oatmeal came out with their version of organic oatmeal the stores in my area, including Wal-Mart quit carrying Sturms brand. I am very disappointed and would love to know where I can obtain some. My 3 yr. old daughter eats it almost every morning. She will not eat other brands. We have tried as a last resort.

Kathy Caricchio

I am looking for your old fashioned Oatmeal in the 2lb. box. Not mixed with anything, just the oats. I was able to get it at Costco;s last Fall and not been able to find it anywhere. I live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It was the best Oatmeal ever.
Since I make cookies and eat oatmeal everyother, I would love to find it.
Please help.


I am looking for Sturms Organic Oatmeal. Used to buy it at Costco but now they carry Quaker - it is not the same. Where can I get Sturms - just plain oatmeal - not instant not flavors - just plain organic oatmeal.


Kirsten Harper

This brand has been rebranded Village Farms and is still carried by Walmart (I just bought it today). I have also been told it was carried as Sturm's at Dollar General stores, but I have not verified that as of today.


I had the same problem, could no longer find the Sturms Oatmeal at WalMart. I e-mailed the company and this is what they responded:

We appreciate your inquiry about Sturms Organic Instant Oatmeal. Sturm Foods is a private label company which means we make the same product under many different labels. Although we are unable to provide specific store location information, below is a list of brands under which this product is available:

Organic Instant Oats:

Archer Farms (At Target)
Full Circle Organic
Fresh & Easy
Natural Directions
Price Chopper
Trader Joes
Whole Foods
Wild Harvest
Winn Dixie

Old Fashion & Quick Oats:
Full Circle
Natural Direction
Whole Foods

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